Where a Charitable Trust wishes to acquire property, there is a requirement to obtain a condition report from a qualified and experienced surveyor.  We provide a full range of reports that are tailored to the needs of the individual charity.  Our advice includes a summary of the condition of the fabric, likely maintenance issues in the future and valuations to agree a suitable purchase price and to confirm the rebuilding cost for insurance purposes.  As experienced practitioners, we can advise upon the repair and maintenance of historic fabric, as well as the more straightforward matters relating to modern and conventional buildings.  Detailed guidance and advice can be given to the Charity or its advisors concerning the process of purchase and procedures to be followed. 

Two main types of inspection are undertaken:-

Building Survey

Where purchase is of an older property or one where it is evident that there are likely to be numerous defects, a Building Survey can be undertaken.  This is a thorough, although non-intrusive inspection of the property that provides a detailed report with recommendations for remedial works.  As well as the overall structure and fabric of the property, the report looks at such matters as dampness, timber decay and movement, making further detailed comment on the services and drainage, where possible.  The report includes a detailed summary of the findings. 

RICS Homebuyers Report

A short form report designed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, is appropriate for conventional, relatively modern property.  The format will be suitable for most modern properties and allows the surveyor to carry out a general inspection of the whole property, highlighting only the areas of significant defect where urgent repairs are required.  The report will include a market valuation and an assessment of rebuilding cost for insurance purposes. 

Specific Defect

Such reports can provide explanation and advice on specific areas of defect or concern.  These can be roughly categorised as follows:-

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