The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995 lays down provisions to overcome the discrimination encountered by those using and employed in all types of publicly accessible buildings.  Part M of the Building Regulations sets the minimum legal standards for access and use of buildings by all building users and as a practice, we have considerable knowledge and experience in the outworking of the Act and its various implications.

Whilst service providers of buildings are required to ensure that discrimination against the disabled user is avoided, this does not always involve the need for physical alterations and we will advise on alternative means of providing the service, also indicating where such requirements would be required and suggest feasible ways of carrying these out.  We can undertake an access audit, with a view to assisting in the preparation of access plans and strategies to ensure that the provisions of the Act and Building Regulations are put in place.

A popular misconception is that disability is all about wheelchair use, but the Act extends to all sorts of disability, including sight and hearing impairments and even mental health and we are able to give practical and realistic advice on the provisions of the Act.

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