We welcome enquiries from private clients seeking pre-purchase advice for homes that they may wish to buy. We can provide a range of surveys and inspections to fit the property and the detail required. These briefly we describe as follows:-


Most commonly, the Building Survey is undertaken on properties which are of complex construction, contain historic fabric or are complex in their design or construction.  Such properties often require greater time commitment from the surveyor, firstly to access as much of the fabric as possible, to establish its condition and reflect upon the implications and to craft a carefully balanced report in order to provide a succinct and accurate narrative that properly presents the issues and enables the reader to make informed decisions. 

Usually such inspections are carried out on buildings constructed in the 19th Century or earlier, although there are occasions when it might be appropriate for a building survey to be carried out on a modern property.  This might include a traditional family home that has been allowed to fall into a very poor state of repair.

The Building Survey is designed to enable a surveyor to fully assess the condition of a property taking such time as is required to thoroughly investigate the fabric and to establish priorities of repair and their implication upon market value. 

The Building Survey will investigate and report upon all of the components of the property but it should be understood that surveyors are not generally expert electricians, plumbers or heating engineers and therefore advice given in these areas will be qualified by experience and may require further tests by suitably qualified engineers in order to provide a definitive statement of condition. 

As part of our service we will be happy and willing to discuss the contents of our report with clients, in order to provide further explanation if required and to ensure that the nuances and balance of the report is correctly understood.  Our surveyor will be able to provide information about local services and craftsmen to enable those purchasing from outside the area to obtain competent and helpful assistance and realistic quotations for any work that is to be undertaken. 

The Building Survey will not necessarily include a formal valuation unless this is specifically required but may include a valuation for insurance purposes.


For most residential property, the Homebuyers Survey is the most effective and appropriate level and form of inspection.  Designed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and based upon received wisdom of surveyors throughout the country, the report is designed to provide a succinct summary about the condition of the property.  For most properties constructed since 1900 (sometimes before this time), the nature and type of defects likely to be present are more readily apparent and straightforward to diagnose.  Accordingly, the surveyor will require less time to carry out an inspection and report fully upon condition.  The report format that is standardised throughout the country is designed to provide concise clear statements about the fabric using a traffic light system.  Red defects indicate an urgent or dangerous fault that requires immediate attention, whilst amber identifies those areas of the fabric which will require attention but not necessarily as a matter of urgency.  Those items that have a green indicator are considered to be in good repair without the need for present attention other than for standard maintenance. 

The Homebuyers Report will provide both a market value that takes into consideration the condition of the fabric and other element factors and a valuation for insurance purposes.


Where a purchaser requires reassurance concerning a specific defect affecting a property, the specific condition survey will investigate the issues and provide a clear opinion as to the extent or implications of the defect.  No general or wider advice concerning the condition of the fabric will be included in the advice. 


Sometimes when purchasing a property, clients may wish to obtain a second opinion that is objective and which may help to identify potential issues at an early stage.  Such issues may include flooding, shrinkable clays, poor access or even difficult neighbours.  The surveyor is widely experienced to spot such matters before a purchaser reaches the stage of significant financial commitment.  The surveyor is willing to attend a property with or without the purchaser for a walk round inspection and verbal advice for a fee based on an hourly charge. 


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