For church leaders and congregations, building issues can be a real headache and can frustrate the real mission and purpose to which they are called.  The quinquennial inspection will provide, firstly, a general review of the condition of the fabric of the buildings to help identify any areas that need to be repaired and, secondly, will help thought to be given strategically for the future and how best use of the building and financial resources available might be made. 

By undertaking these inspections every five years, there is an opportunity to identify defects or potential problems to the buildings before they escalate and become more expensive or difficult to remedy.

Following a site visit, a clear, concise and straightforward report on the condition of all of the buildings (churches, halls, manses or vicarages) will be provided in quadruplicate (additional copies can be provided on CD) highlighting any issues that need attention and giving guidance on prioritised repair or replacement.  In providing our advice we will be minded to the resources available (both financial and manpower) in each individual circumstance. 

As Quinquennial Surveyors, we very much see our role as working in partnership with local church leaders and church officers and will be sympathetic and understanding of their concerns.

The reports and schedules that are produced are simply written and clear, and avoid the over use of technical jargon.  Bespoke software, designed for use by each church denomination, is used to format but may be adapted for individual circumstances upon request (example reports can be obtained from us).

We have computerised records of all inspection due dates and will issue reminders to the Church Property Officers.  We aim to reduce local administration to the bare essentials and to make the inspection process simple and uncomplicated.

We are always willing to provide additional property advice over and above that given at each quinquennial review. Queries and concerns that arise from time to time, may be referred to us by email, letter or telephone and we will be pleased to guide and assist in any way that we are able.

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